Heyrocco - Mom Jeans (demo)
And maybe in the spring time we could make it our time. Whisper back and forth on your parents porch while drinking shitty box wine. We’ll rent a slice-of-life film, pretending that we’re sixteen. You look like a dream. Messy hair, dark eyes. You were wearing mom jeans.
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Here’s a pic of me with dear friend and punk celebrity Brian Sella.

this is what dreams are made of


Here’s a pic of me with dear friend and punk celebrity Brian Sella.

this is what dreams are made of


Cayetana- Dirty Laundry (Space Jam Sessions)

i love this

Perfect Attendance - Museums with Girlfriends

Asleep at the bus stop or awake in my dreams, where all my favorite former girlfriends still hang out and never leave. I thought by now I’d have figured out where I’m supposed to be, but I just sleep until it’s dark out on the days that I have free.

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Paws - An Honest Romance

The rain it poured and so did the wine. Well one glass and this should all be fine. So here’s to impulsivity and all the times I’ve worn my heart on my sleeve.

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Dowsing - Gengar! Gengar! Gengar!


Stop making sense. The stories were true - I am nothing without you.

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Modern Baseball - Going To Bed Now

Just one more distorted and sad attempt at humor from the jagged, bleeding tumor in our throat. Malignant at best and quick to address yourself as anything other than what we’ve learned to expect. The patron saint of good goddamn. I’ll kick myself to sleep before I shake that grimy, dirt-encrusted, arrogant hand, so please leave my house.

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I'm Glad It's You - Minor Acts of Cannibalism

And sometimes, but just sometimes, I wish I could wake up wearing your skin, ‘cause then I would be calm, cool, and collected, and all the things I’ve never been. I want you to swallow my eyes so I can find out what’s inside, ‘cause I wanna wear, I wanna wear you out. 

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Chris Farren - Away From You

I might take a shot if the feeling strikes, ‘cause I don’t want to say the things I have to say to you tonight. We’ve been drifting apart the past couple months. And I have visions of a future but I don’t see us.

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My name is Casey White. I'm from South Carolina.

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