Last night I painted a super realistic portrait of me and my best friend Cole in heaven. PTL.

Greg Barnett (The Menzingers) - Wild Eyes (Paul Baribeau)

I don’t think I’ll ever get over how great this cover is

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Polaroids of The Front Bottoms 

New Brookland Tavern 


This was a good night


February 2013 - Snoqualmie Falls

I started re-watching Twin Peaks last night and I really wanna go here someday

Jeff Rosenstock - Teenager

Christine doesn’t seem to mind that all of my songs are about dying and suicide. Sometimes I don’t think I mind when she yells at my friends, I wanna yell at my friends sometimes. Sticking flowers in each others’ hair. All making out, all showing the world we don’t care. And I know that every moment’s fleeting. I know I have too many feelings.

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Get it?????

Anonymous asked: "The devil's grass"???

Yah it’s what all the  potheads are calling marijuana on the streets

I hope y’all are praising today and not smoking the devil’s grass!! Amen.

I hope y’all are praising today and not smoking the devil’s grass!! Amen.

Two Hand Fools - I Feel Lost

Twenty-year-old Mary is sitting on her couch in her one-bedroom apartment thinking, ‘Where did I go wrong?’ The city sleeps without worrying about you, so why wait? You’ve got to move on. Fifty-year-old Jim is sitting on his porch in his one floor ranch thinking ‘What a lovely night.’ He says, “All you need is a little time to think and the rest of your life will swim on by.” And I said, “Why can’t I be happy without knowing where I’m off to?” He said, “Can’t you just be happy without ever knowing why?”

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aaron carter doesn’t follow me on twitter anymore :(

My name is Casey White. I'm from South Carolina.

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