Baby Ghosts - Gravy Brain

Old man bones don’t agree with me. Problems with my anatomy—I take it lightly. Just one chill and it’s agony. It’s too late to come back for me, this broken body. 

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Here’s a video of me telling a very embarrassing story at the SideOneDummy Storytellers show. :(

This is the best/worst story I have ever heard. It makes me laugh really hard but it also makes me cringe a lot

There is nobody quite like Chad Matheny

Bomb The Music Industry! - (Shut) Up The Punx!!!

Smile big, hug bigger. Talk big, act bigger. Stop judging, do something. Shut the fuck up, do something. Instead of sneering at my friends and me ‘cause we’re not stealing, buy a troubled friend a drink at the bar and tip well. Don’t spend your time scoffing. When do that you’re just scoffing like the people who scoff at us while defending our community.

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The Hotelier - Title-Track

My life’s a flower and it’s growing but I’m oh so insecure. And the trick is always knowing it’s the rain that keeps us pure. It’s the food for my mind and body, and it brings me back to earth, so when the sun rises I can shut out all my doubt. There is a light and it never goes out. I’ll burn a hole in my chest so you can see through. I’ll tell you things I thought I never knew. We’ll build a home for me and you. I’ll see the world for what I want it to be and nothing else. 

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Lemuria - Yesterday's Lunch

The critic wants to be a writer. The archaeologist never thought she’d be digging graves. Everybody wants more when they already have some. Everybody wants some more of that some until nobody remembers yesterday’s lunch.

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The realest bois in the Carolinas. Ugly John and Someday Rumble getting down at Foxfield in Columbia.

what’s your fav thing about the rock band sugar ray?

A.A. Bondy - Lover's Waltz

Do you wanna dance? Will you wear my ring? Will you lay with me until the final bullets sing over our heads, over our heads. Then a lover’s waltz will turn until the end.

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My name is Casey White. I'm from South Carolina.

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